Committed to EDUCATION

I truly believe that teachers are the beginning and end of our education system. We always want the best for our children and for them to be able to reach their highest potential. They won't be able to do that if our teachers don't have the resources to do their jobs. I'm committed to bringing better wages, benefits, and opportunities to their counties. 

Committed to REVIVING the Workforce

Within our state we have some many different labor opportunities and I think it's time that we begin to highlight those work forces, advertising what's available. I want to bring more awareness to what we have to offer for entry level jobs, career opportunities, and professions. 

Committed to EXPANDING Opportunities 

In order to see West Virginia grow and prosper, we have to let go of the practices that no longer serve our community. It's time to start highlighting what makes our state so unique, beautiful, and worth investing our time and resources in. 

Committed to Inclusivity & Social Justice

We need to allow a breath of fresh air to blow through our mountains. I am committed to bringing inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance. Discrimination has no place here and we need to start making more efforts in bringing all our communities together. 

Committed to UPDATING our Systems

I'm committed to working with the state & local governments to create a centralized system to help the process of incoming municipal and state paperwork. I'm looking to put this system in place to not only aid the government workers, but also homeowners, small business owners, and contractors. 

Committed to Seeing Us ALL Prosper

We have so much to offer - not just to the rest of our country, but to those who already reside here. I'm committed to the growth of our economy, camaraderie, and prosperity. We have the chance to vote in change and it's about time that happens.